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Reduce Liability

            Improve Diagnostic Confidence

            Improve Patient Management with Accurate Diagnosis

            Provide Optimum Patient Care

Peace of Mind

       All these allow you to concentrate on patient care and leave the radiology concern to me.

Web-Based Services.

Upload your images and get immediate verbal interpretation on questionable cases. If you have digital equipment, we offer on line services without the delay and cost of standard mailing, referring physicians can upload images and receive accurate, concise reports fast.

OmniPacs is a SaaS cloud platform for medical imaging. It is a simple process to get modalities connected. They set up everything, quick and easy. Simply provide a phone number and contact person for set up.

Standard Mailing.

Dont have digital equipment? No problem we can accommodate. If you are mailing I recommend sending once or twice per week.

Where Do I Send Them?
Send the films to:

Dr. Benjamin Glass DC, DACBR
8230 Crystal Creek Dr.

North Royalton, OH  44133

Per Patient Pricing.

Fees are $15 per body area x-rayed


Monthly Pricing.

A flat monthly fee based on the average number of patients x-rayed per month and number of anatomic areas x-rayed. This usually provides significant savings.

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