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About Dr. Glass

Benjamin Glass, DC, DACBR is a 1996 graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic-West in San Jose, California.

He completed his radiology residency at Palmer-West and received his radiology board certification (DACBR) in 2001.


Dr. Glass is unique to the profession prior to chiropractic he was a Radiologic Technologist (RT), since 1986, working in a hospital setting for many years doing X-ray and CT imaging.

He was also an MRI technologist for seven years and has extensive technical knowledge in MRI, working at The Neurology Center in Washington DC and Redwood City MRI a beta test center for Picker International in Redwood City, CA operated by

Dr. Murray Solomon, MD.

He has maintained a radiology practice since 2001, he also reads   X-ray and MRI imaging for Advantage Diagnostics Cleveland and Columbus Ohio area locations. 

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